Thursday, July 02, 2015

Wedding Diary: Part Fourteen

15 days and counting!!

We've been busy (I know, it's a common thing I keep repeatedly saying!) but it's true. The days are flying by, which is good because I'm excited to have my wedding day and I'm eager to marry my wonderful man, whom I adore.

Our wedding rings arrived, but the dresses aren't not yet ready. I'll be glad to get them home. The cd of wedding songs have been made and taken to the venue, and I never thought it would be so difficult to select half a dozen songs, but they have to be special songs, mean something to us both. Of all the songs we've heard in our lives, thousands, and suddenly, our minds are blank. LOL Eventually, we selected songs we thought would work and songs that mean something to us. However, I don't know our first dance song, as that's a surprise only my fiance knows. I wont find out until we actually step onto the dance floor!

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