Thursday, November 06, 2008

My desk!

My desk in all its messy glory.

Usually it is much neater, but since this is the only computer in the house connected to the internet, I have to share my desk space with my hubby and children. One day when I am wealthy I shall have wireless internet and computers throughout the house for everyone, but until that day, I shall make do with what we have.
You will notice the wallpaper on the screen. It is a knot garden at Sudley Castle. The photo was taken by my husband Mark last year on our trip to England. I change my wallpaper every month are so. You'll also see that I'm chatting to someone on msn instant messenger. That someone is my good friend and fellow writer Kat Taylor. We try to chat every day, if not, we both get withdrawal symptoms.
If you look carefully on the left hand side is a little box with men in it. They are Civil War figures (UK CW that is) that I bought at Sandal Castle in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. One day I will write that civil war novel I've been wanting to do!
In the drawers are my files - publishing contracts and research stuff and my genealogy info.
On the top shelf are my books on stands. The poor things get terribly dusty but I like looking up and seeing them there (the extra copies are behind glass). My books are my inspiration to keep writing, not that I need much inspiration to write. :o) I have to do it or go mad!

Who else has photos of their desk?
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