Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wedding Diary Part Nine

With Christmas and New Year over with, I can now focus on sorting the rest of the wedding details.
My wedding shoes arrived that I ordered online, and they are perfect.
Although there is still a lot to do, this week has been quite productive, we have found a wedding cake baker, who we have an appointment to meet and taste her cakes, etc, at the beginning of February.
The invitations have been dropped off at a dear friend's who does beautiful writing. She's going to write out the names for us, now we have finally completed the guests lists.
Today, I was at the venue, finalising the menu and discussing the requirements for the actual day. It was a relief to get all that formally down on paper, there's so much to think about and account for, the arrivals drinks, the music, the ceremony, time to eat, time for photos, the food, the wine, the evening buffet, and so the list goes on.
But it made the wedding seem that bit more real, and a little bit closer. 6 months to go! I'm very excited and really looking forward to it.

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