Friday, February 13, 2015

Wedding Diary: Part Ten

Ever bought something you later regretted buying?
I have.
Ever bought a dress you later regretted buying?
I have.
A wedding dress though?
I have.

Yes, it's true. The dress that I bought to wear for my wedding, which is beautiful, don't get me wrong, is, I have finally admitted, not the dress of my dreams. Right from the beginning I was a little concerned, but I thought that was just me being picky. I didn't get the overwhelming sense of "wow" when I tried it on. Instead I saw faults and I felt fat and I didn't get the feel of being a bride as I should.
This played on my mind for months. Even when I tried it on at the first proper fitting, I still felt something was missing. I couldn't put my finger on it, I guess it was just some instinct in me that kept nagging at the back of my mind.
So, after months of indecision and stressing at the thought that I've paid a lot of money for something that didn't make me happy, I finally found the courage to admit that the dress was not what I wanted.
Last month while shopping for bridesmaid dresses, I took the opportunity to look once more at wedding dresses. I was thinking that maybe I was just being silly and it really was the dress I wanted, although as soon as I started searching through the racks of wedding dresses that day, I was excited at maybe finding 'the one'.
A good friend of mine, Katie, was with me and she suggested dresses I'd never think of. Initially I was wary, but after trying on different styles, I realised I could wear the sort of dress that for some reason I thought I couldn't wear.
Suddenly, my friend took a beautiful dress off the rack and held it out. She said I had to try it on. So I did.
In complete utter surprise I instantly loved the dress. For the first time in my life I felt a bride. The feeling was amazing. This was my dress. I really wanted it. But could I afford another wedding dress?
Later, after discussing it with my fiance, I decided that the new dress needed deep consideration. The following week I went back to try the dress on again with my bridesmaids. They loved it, I loved it! It was meant to be.
So, there you have it. I'm a bride with two dresses. I'm hoping to sell the original dress though, wish me luck with that! LOL

Also while I was with my bridesmaids at that bridal shop, they tried on some dresses and finally we settled on what they are to wear. Hallelujah! Picking their dresses was a drawn out drama, mainly because of matching the colour to our theme, which I am so glad to have sorted now. The dresses are sleek and beautiful and the girls will look gorgeous in them on the day. I can't wait to see them.

Last weekend, we finalised on the wedding cake. The baker, is a lovely woman called Julia, and I know she will do a brilliant job of creating our special cake.

The invitations are all written out and the process of sending them out has started. Katie has beautiful writing and she wrote the names on each one, a long job, but she did it brilliantly and they look classy and fabulous!

 It has been a busy, not to say a tad stressful few weeks, but everything is coming together. I'm getting so excited.

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