Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wedding Diary: Part Eight

After a short period of inactivity (wedding planning wise), things have been happening again. I've had another fitting for my dress and it all went well. However, the shoes are still a problem and I can't decide what to do about those. Plain white ones and add shoe accessories to them, or traditional silk wedding shoes? Such decisions.

Finally, we have found printers for the invitations. I should have the proofs by next week to view, then it's all systems go for them to be printed and sent out by the end of January.

The suits for the men are all fitted and organised.

The bridesmaid dresses have been changed and new dresses ordered. Shoe shopping for them in the New Year.

I've been giving the music a lot of thought and narrowed down my options to two songs to chose  from to walk down the aisle to. It isn't an easy decision at all!

As the days tick over and the time flies by, we are slowly getting everything settled and making decisions. Not much will happen now until after Christmas is over with and the new year dawns.

So, until my next post, I wish you all a very happy Christmas!!


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