Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Still Editing

Yes, still at it - editing that is. :o)

I've finished Kitty McKenzie edits, the novel has now gone to the line editor. Woohoo!
Now I'm straight into editing the sequel, Kitty McKenzie's Land. This novel is larger, so more needs to be edited, but I've done the first hundred pages, which is good. I've got about a week to get the next 250 pages done and sent to Sasha.

Went down to visit my dad this morning. He wanted the roses cut, since it's our winter now. So my husband and I cut all the roses and tidied the year for him. Then we had a coffee and I noticed Dad had hardly any food in. His eating has dropped since Mum died. So after we left I went to the supermarket and bought groceries for Dad and took them back to him. He was rather surprised and really happy.

I've got a page up on The Mystic Castle website. I'm really pleased by this as the whole website is dedicated to historical authors.

Haven't heard anything yet from Hale publishers in the UK. I've signed the contract and filled in the tax form. (which I'm hoping I did correctly!)

I recently bought Pamela Oldfield's novel, The Rich Earth. I've read one of her novels before, The Turn of The Tide and really enjoyed it. So I hope this one is just as good.
Actually I've been researching more often than not lately. Love taking my big books to bed and studying the pictures of early Sydney. Now I just have to find the time to get back to writing. LOL

Take care.
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