Friday, June 09, 2006

Kitty McKenzie

The final proofs for Kitty McKenzie, my mainstream historical came through yesterday and all is set for it's release on June 20th in ebook. Those of you who don't read ebooks, the print version is out in September. I'm so excited about this!

It was a brilliant story to write and its sequel just finishes it off wonderfully.
Kitty McKenzie starts off in 1864, York England and the sequel ends in Australia 1869.
I loved the character Kitty, she is like a member of my family now.
I fell in love with the handsome men in the books from the McKenzie brothers to big cuddly Max Spencer and the other men, Benjamin Kingsley and Miles Grayson, who all play a role in shaping Kitty's life.
Kitty's best friend, Connie Spencer is the kind of best friend everyone should have, the kind who is loyal and supportive but not afraid to tell you when you're being ridiculous. :o)

I ran a gauntlet of emotions writing the two Kitty McKenzie books and I hope readers do too.

Take care.~
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