Thursday, May 25, 2006

Been off line

Suddenly the line went dead and that was me off the net for 48 hours. Sadly I'm still on dail-up. Yes, I know, it's prehistoric! LOL That little problem shall be fixed in the next few weeks when I join the rest of the world and get broadband - hopefully.

Anyway, so here I was without any connection and the phone company said it could take two days. TWO DAYS!!!
After recovering from my convulsions I decided I could survive well enough without emails or the www - of course I could! It's not like I'm hooked on it or anything now is it???

24 hours later I'm running all over town looking for an internet café - just to check my emails because as an author I could have some serious stuff happening that needs my immediate attention, couldn't !? Yes, nod and agree with me, that's right...
So, I find a place, the only place in a twenty km circle who has pay as you go internet. No joke there was one computer - one. Thankfully, no one was using it, (and if they had been something unfortunate might have happened to them) Where was I? Oh, yes, so like a total junky I pay for 30 mins of internet use, itching for the poor fellow to go faster in giving me my change. How sad is that? No, don't answer!

Now let me tell you, this 30 minutes was THE fastest 30 minutes in man kind. I'm not kidding here. I answer three emails - THREE! I'm freaking out because the clocks ticking and I'm faced with over 400 emails -arghhh!
But it's okay, I take a deep breath and skim like I've never skimmed before. I organise for my dearest two friends to run my online critique group while I'm struck down and then I start deleting and deleting on an unfamiliar computer. I'm thinking that if the phone line is down for more than a week I would get a trizillion emails - and no I didn't have time to go no mail from my yahoo groups, remember the ruddy clock's ticking right in front of my eyes!!

With 30 seconds to go, I quickly close off all the pages I used for my emails - security you know - (no don't tell me hacks can still get in I don't WANT to know. Besides, my emails would bore them to death seriously.)
So I stumble out of the place and head for the car, where my husband patiently sits reading the newspaper.
He asks, "how did it go? Anything important?"
Collapsing into the passenger seat I shake my head. "No, not really, but for GOD'S SAKE ring the phone company! I can't do that again!"
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