Monday, November 07, 2005

Slow Going

The last two weeks have been so busy that I've hardly been able to write and when I have written on my stories I've not been happy with the result.

What has kept me busy is this time of year which is full of family birthdays.
My daughter turned nine two weeks ago and had a party (and boy did it rain!). Having eight nine years squealing in the house is such a diverting way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Then the following week it was my son's birthday party(rain threatened) and the night before his party, it was my sister's 50th birthday party, which we arrived late for, due to the clocks changing for summer and so the males of the house's cricket game went longer than expected. (and it rained)

Anyway, aside from all that I've been trying to write, as well as applying for part-time jobs, but that's another story!
So I opened up my old manuscript of A Noble Place and I've been struggling to make this work even with a re-write but it's not singing to me. I realized after a week of struggling that there's not enough conflict. The re-write needs another re-write and I'm just not in the mood to thrash it out.
So, instead two days ago I open another old ms, Replenish The Hope, not as old as ANP mind, and decided to have a crack at finishing that. Funny enough it has been ok. I've managed to write about five pages after re-reading the previous three chapters I wrote last year. I've done a lot research and I'm fairly sure of where the plot line wants to go. Anyhow, we'll soon see how it goes.

I printed out the first three chapters of The Gentle Wind's Caress today and I'm posting them tomorrow to Robert Hale in the UK. last throw of the dice and all that.... :o)

And I'm still waiting on replies back from agents and publishers from months ago......

Take care.~

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