Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Research & P & P

I forgot to mention in previous post that my niece, Amy and her husband, Tim arrived home safely from their honeymoon to Europe. They spent a week in Germany and Amy, a history buff like me, loved it. They did however spend the majority of their time in England staying with our Uncle Peter. ( Every writer needs an Uncle Peter - he's my main source of gathering research material)
Anyway, I asked Amy to got to a few places on my behalf and take some photos grab some info, etc. And bless her cotton socks she did! She taken more photos!
Uncle Peter has, over the past year, sent me videos, maps, literature, etc ro help with my research for The Gentle Wind's Caress, which is set in Hebden Bridge/Heptonstall, Yorkshire. Through all these avenues (especially the two videos), plus the internet, I was able to be pretty close with my descriptions of the area where I set the characters' farm. Amy then confirmed for me that I'd done well on describing the area. So, I'm a happy bunny!

I'm taking my mother-in-law to the movies tomorrow, we're off to see the new Pride & Prejudice movie. I do hope it's good. The BBC version is fantastic.

Take care!
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