Friday, November 11, 2005

Good day's effort

Managed 2000 words today on my Australian historical, Replenish The Hope. Well pleased with that effort after stuffing around all week on gathering promotional information ready for when my books are out.

I also sent off some query emails to editors. Yes, editors. LOL It's very naughty I know, but I'm past caring about the submitting rules of this business. I'm not likely to get an agent so I might as well go straight to the organ grinder and not the monkey.
So, I emailed editors at Faber, Headline, Orion, Timewarner and Harpercollins - all UK side of the publishing companies. I received a nice email the following day from one of the editors at Orion who said that they were trimming their lists and not buying much new fiction at the moment. And another email from someone at Timewarner, who redirected me to the right editor. All very helpful, thank you very much. :o)
Actually, I might do it again with some other editors. Now let's see....
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