Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Short Story Sold!!

The last few days have been hectic, but in a good way!

I received a rejection from All Romance Books concerning my short story anthology. The editor, a nice lady, said that the stories didn't have enough romance in them and I understand that. But she also said that they are good and that I should send them elsewhere.

So I did. The same day.

I sent A Love Past to Blue Leaf Publications.

The next day they sent an email saying they'd like to publish it. How great is that?
The story will be a download through their Blue Indigo line. It'll be available on Valentine's Day Feb 14th 2006!

The BLP editor, J, has been very good and I've already got the prepublication time frame, which is detailed and informative.

So, I'm really happy that another story of mine has found a home!

As to other things.

I received one email back from someone at Random House, saying that I can send three chapters to an editor by post. I got a name to address it to, so that's good. I'll send it off this week.

I've also sent Kitty McKenzie to another publisher.

I haven't done any writing in two days. How bad is that? Speaking of which I'd better go do some.

Take care.~
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