Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Querying & Publishers

Sometimes the frustration of this business becomes too much!

If I was to obtain an agent I would like a UK agent to represent me because my sagas are set in the UK and sagas are more popular in the UK than anywhere else.
But, to get a UK agent is harder than singing a song with a mouthful of sticky toffee!
Most UK agents have full client lists or they won't take on clients out of Britain or - more tragic than anything else - they don't represent saga writers.
Now I tell you, saga authors have the highest rate of their books being borrowed from UK libraries and regularly hit the best seller stands, yet people tend to look down their noses at what they call, 'the clogs and shawl' writers. Grrr.

Anyway, this morning I have queried one UK agent. I'll keep you posted on what happens there.
The sad thing is I'm running out of agents to query. My list is rapidly shrinking with every rejection or 'don't represent that genre' letter I receive.

I wish Aussie agents had more clout in the industry but they don't from what I've heard and read.

I have also printed out a submission to a UK editor at Random House UK. Why I have done this, I'm not completely sure... I guess I have this stubborn streak in me that refuses to give up.
I had wanted to enter the Random House contest 'Search For A Saga Star' but on receiving the information about it I found that as an Aussie I am unable to enter. This, I feel, is utter crap! Where has the commonwealth link gone? So much for empire and all that. I'll now be voting for a republic at our next election. :o)

I have been tempted to query Avon, which can be done by email, but do I really want to? They don't publish sagas. However, perhaps I could call my stories historical romances. (well they do have romance in them. Only, not much sex, which it seems is a requirement for Avon)
Anyhow, I feel I could be just earning myself another rejection, but again that attitude of never giving up surfaces!

Oh, what to do......
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