Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What A Task!

Well, I've just spent the last two hours sending email queries to 14 UK agents.

I try to query them first before sending off parcels because I prefer to know if they represent sagas before I waste money in postage.

I do this task every few months or so.

I have reckoned that there are roughly 180 UK agents. A good 50 of them don't represent book writers (mainly music, script and film). Then I would say there are another 50 to 80 or so that don't represent sagas. I've had 18 definite 'no thanks' replies so far.
So, I'm thinking I have about, give or take a few, 30 agents left to query, those who MIGHT have a look at my writing and who haven't closed their doors to new clients.

Do you like my odds?

And people wonder why small publishers are suddenly doing big business?
The giant publishers need to look beyond their select clientele and take a chance on new blood. In turn that will allow agents to feel safer about taking on new clients.

I always thought I'd like to be a literary agent, but perhaps I'd not have the patience for it. :o)

Until next time, take care.
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