Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Wedding Diary: Part Four

Our first wedding blip.

After being told yesterday that we could only get married at 4:30 on our chosen date of August 1st 2015, my fiance and I decided to move our wedding date to see if we can get a better time. We thought that 4:30 was just a little too late in the day, and things would be rushed, like photos and the meal, before the evening reception started.

I spoke to my wedding co-ordinator and she suggested some other dates, and this morning I duly rang the local registrar authority to see what times we could select. Thankfully, there were better times on other days.
So now we are getting married at the same venue on July 18th, at 2:45pm.

This means we have more time to have photos taken, to eat and have speeches with out any rushing before the party starts! :)

Now, I just have to tell everyone the new date and the suppliers we have already booked. Where are my lists....?

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