Monday, June 30, 2014

Wedding Diary: Part Three

So, at the weekend I did a few things I've never done before, I went shopping for bridesmaid dresses with 3 of my 4 bridesmaids!
Funnily enough, I also tried on a dozen wedding dresses and amazingly, found the dress I wanted with it only needing minor alterations. It is a beautiful dress, and I'm looking forward to my first fitting in December.
The bridesmaid dresses were easier to pick than my wedding dress. Some designs didn't come in the blue colour I wanted. But eventually, and only 4 shops later, we found the perfect ones. They have wonderful detail in the bodice and are periwinkle blue to match the colour theme of the wedding, such as the Groomsmens' waistcoats, cravat and handkerchiefs, plus the reception decor.
The girls will all look so stunning and I can't wait to see them wearing the dresses, with hair and make up, etc. It'll be a busy, yet exciting morning on the actual day as we all get ready. Lots of champagne and strawberries!

I also managed to book the florist and talk to her about the bouquets, buttonholes, etc. She can do exactly what I wished for and so that is another job off the to-do list!

And just today, my fiance and I selected the suits for the men of the bridal party. They will look so smart and handsome. I will have to force myself to walk and not run down the isle to him! :)

Also today, we have booked the registrar. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the time I wanted of 3pm, and instead had to take the time of 4:30, but there is nothing I can do to alter that and will just have to live with it. I'll just try to sleep in that morning. (Yer, right! LOL)

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