Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Am I the only person in the world with baked beans spilt on their keyboard?
We had a distruptive evening last night, so I didn't cook dinner, instead we all had whatever came to hand in the pantry. I arrived home from dropping Josh off at soccer training (which was canceled 20 mins later!!!)and decided to have a baked bean toasted sandwich done on our new sandwich maker. Then darling daughter, who is becoming an ebay wheeler and dealer, said another of her items was sold but she didn't think it had so she'd relisted it and could I now unlist it?
'Sure', I said. Silly me didn't know that this was a simple thing to do because I'm not an ebay wheeler and dealer. I immediately tried to find the hardest way to remove the item to no avail. Ten frustrating minutes (and many mouthfuls of scolding baked beans dripping everywhere) later DD told me to click on 'Ask Emma' and she'll show me all I need to know. Funnily enough 'Emma' had me sorted in two clicks of the mouse.
Shame she couldn't sort out my dinner so easily.

That was last night.
This morning I woke up and put the computer on and to my distress my flat screen monitor had died in its sleep. Sigh. I loved that monitor. (cue violins)
So I grabbed Ellie's (DD) monitor, one of the old big types and connected that instead. She wasn't impressed as she hasn't had it that long herself. Her monitor went belly up a few months ago and we put off getting a new one for her because she was going to have my monitor and I was going to get a new one. In the end I just got her an old second one for $15 and we left it at that for now. Until this morning...
So now I have to go monitor shopping and I really didn't budget for that this month. Oh well, as they say best laid plans and all that.....
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