Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Recent Reads

The last week or so I've managed to read two really good books. One historical, one contemporary.
The historical - The Wild Hunt by Elizabeth Chadwick, and anyone who knows me, knows Ms Chadwick is a favourite of mine. I actually bought this book years ago, but soon afterwards learnt that it had a sequel, and until I buy the sequels I never read the first book, because there is nothing more frustrating than reading a good book and not being able to find the sequel. Anyway, the orginal The Wild Hunt sat on my shelf waiting be read, but I couldn't find the sequel, which is called Running Vixen.
However, last year, I found out that Ms Chadwick's publisher was going to re-issue The Wild Hunt and it's sequel and so I waited to buy the new issues, which I have!
The second book I read was Paradise Fields by Katie Fforde, a contemporary with chick lit appeal. I've only just found Ms Fforde's books and have enjoyed the two I've read so far. Paradise Fields is really engaging and fun. The characters are real and likable. I thoroughly forgot the world while reading this book! Bliss.

Here they are - hurry, go buy them!
'To save his inheritance, Guyon FitzMiles is forced into a marriage alliance with heiress Judith of Ravenstow. Judith too is a reluctant partner in this match, but in the turbulent political world of the late eleventh century they must co-operate or be destroyed. Winner of a Betty Trask Award for a best first novel.

It's not as if Nel hasn’t enough on her plate already: organising a farmers’ market in the picturesesque Paradise Fields and keeping track of her unnervingly beautiful teenage daughter – plus sorting out a houseful of animals – are quite enough to keep her busy. The last thing she needs is yet another complication in her life, but when her old frend Sir Gerald dies and his son, Pierce – accompanied by his glamorous American wife – takes possession of The Big House, it seems that preserving the Fields is not on his list of priorities.
Nel takes up arms determined to fight for the meadow and the market she loves. But whom can she trust? She’s pretty sure her friends Sacha and Vivian are on her side, but her sensible boyfriend Simon, an estate agent, is less encouraging. And then there’s Jake, the infuriating yet attractive stranger who kissed her under the mistletoe. Maybe she’s been a celibate widow for a little too long …
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