Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Never too old...

Next month I'm part of a bridal party for my dear friend, Bernie, and yesterday we had final alterations on the bridemaids' dresses. I'm extremely happy for Bernie to be getting married for the first time in her 40s, but I never dreamed I'd be a bridesmaid in my late thirties! I thought my days of being a bridesmaid were over, after all, I've done it 5 times all ready. I think though, this one will be the most enjoyable - older, wiser and all that.

To get to Bernie's house I had to drive down through Kangaroo Valley, which is very beautiful, but the mountain roads aren't a joy to drive on in the mist and rain that I had yesterday. However, in the end I rather enjoyed the drive around twisting sharp bends through rainforest and then along the valley floor. I was thinking of Top Gear and that perhaps I should be doing the drive in a Mercedes convertible, but oh well, it's nice to dream.

If you're in this part of New South Wales, do go to Kangaroo Valley and spend the day there. It is really lovely.

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