Monday, November 17, 2008

Bryce Courtenay

Today I went (alone as usual) and had a lunch/book signing with author Bryce Courtenay.
I had the best time. Well, any event that starts with someone handing you a glass of wine as soon as you walk in the door is a good thing!

Bryce talked about his books and how he didn't like the film version of his book, The Power Of One. His life is so interesting from humble beginnings of being in an orphanage in a small village in South Africa to his current status of one of Australia's best selling authors.

He said to all budding writers to simply write the book that's in your heart. He says (I'll paraphrase)you should be able to write a book in a year. He also said to keep it simple - meaning the basics - don't spend weeks looking for the right way to say something because everything has been said already in every way conceivable and you're not inventing something new! That made me laugh.

He told so many wonderful stories, the 3 and half hours went by in like two minutes. He even sang the song he sung to his son who died in his arms, it was so emotional.

I gave him a copy of A Noble Place. He was so lovely and kind.
Oh and the lunch was lovely too, as were the people I was sitting with, all strangers and all avid readers! I felt thoroughly spoilt.

Another amazing thing I learnt is he's just moved to my town, he lives minutes from my house. Too funny.

Here's Bryce's website.

My favourite books of his are The Potato Factory, Jessica and Four Fires. I just bought The Persimmon Tree.
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