Monday, July 21, 2008

We've new neighbours!

So, by all reports, we've got new arrivals to the district - none other than Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.
Apparently, they have bought a historical estate in Sutton Forest, a tiny village in this district. I've been past the house before and it's lovely. Also we're used to having the odd celebrity living in this area and we treat them well. I'm all for new people arriving, but not so keen on the paparazzi that follows. Fingers crossed the long lens lovers will stay away.

This area is beautiful, quiet and with a lot of community spirit so I hope the Kidman-Urban family will be happy here and I hope they are left alone.

Of course if they want to come over for a cuppa and perhaps pick up one of my books, they are very welcome!

More info about our celebrity neighbours here.
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