Friday, April 11, 2008

Me and my memory

So, this morning I had a few things to do in town. Pick up my wage, then use said wage to pay bills and buy food. Why do kids have to eat?
Anyway, once those chores were done, and also paid for #2 son Joshua's guitar lessons (I tell you after the money we've shelved out for these lessons the boy should be playing like Ritchie Sambora!) I headed off to the local library.
As always, once I'm in there I check to see if my books are on the shelves, they weren't, which delighted me as it meant they were being borrowed and read by complete strangers. Cool bananas.
then I started browsing searching for Katie Fforde's latest book. I couldn't find it. Maybe complete strangers were reading her book too. So, I thought 'okay, try another author, someone I've not read before'. Now, when I'm working at the computer and surfing the net, talking in forums, etc, I come across all these amazing authors and there books. I'm always saying to myself, I must get these author's books and try them. I say it every time.
But what happens?
Once in the library my brain has a leakage of the memory glands and bam! There's not one author or book title I can remember.
Why is this so?
And no, I don't want to hear comments from the peanut gallery saying 'write a bleeding list woman!'
Well okay, yes, a list would be handy. Sigh. I'm going to do that. One day. I will.
Anyway, I left the library with only one book under my arm (a miracle indeed), one of Susan Elizabeth Phillips books I haven't read, Breathing Room.
And when I return to the library I'll be armed with list at the ready... I will, I mean it.
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