Monday, April 07, 2008

Celine Dion in concert part 2!

So after the previous weeks concert cancellation, we were all very excited on Saturday evening to head off to Sydney to watch the very talented Celine Dion, along with 21 thousand other people.

The night started off well. Our seats were so high up I felt ill with vertigo. But my niece Elizabeth and I spotted an official moving people to better seats. Interesting. It seemed due to the cancellation of last week people couldn't make this week. With a nudge I sent Elizabeth scampering down the very steep aisle to the official to see if we also could be moved. After a bit of fiddling with seating numbering, the five of us were moved further down to the front row on the top level. Not the bottom level we were hoping for but neither were we up nesting in the rafters with the birds, so I was happy and the vertigo eased some what.

So the supporting act was our own Anthony Callea, a runner-up on Australian Idol. He was good and jokey. Then he finished with The Prayer and it was fantastic. I love that song.

Then the tension built and the screens started showing clips of Celine and the song, I Drove All Night started and out she came! She wore a sparkly little black number with amazing high stilettos and we were all clapping and cheering.

She sang a couple of her older songs, but not my favourite, Think Twice, which was sad. That said the songs she sang she sang them well and we were treated to different levels of her voice range, which is completely amazing.
She had dancers and did four costume changes - all with these amazing high heels, it's a wonder she didn't break an ankle. :o)

The only unfortunate thing was the people sitting behind us. They had arrived drunk and loud and never shut up the entire concert. Why do people go to a concert only to talk to each other the whole way through and hardly look at the stage???
I lost my temper slightly at one point and told them to please be quiet. Under my breath I was saying something entirely different and completely unladylike with images of throwing them off the balcony.
Ms Dion did two encores. The first was River Deep, Mountain High, which was brilliant and then she darted off again and everything went black as we were all clapping. Suddenly the haunting pipe music off Titanic started and it sent tingles down your spine. My niece Elizabeth started crying as Titanic is her all time favourite movie and she's in love with Leo Di Caprio. I love pipe music, and that whole Irish feel, and this was wonderful. Then clips from the movie
flashed on the screen and out came Celine in a beautiful flowing lemon gown. She sang My Heart Will Go On and it was fabulous.

My sister Linda and I.

My hubby Mark and I.

Amy (niece) Linda (sister) Elizabeth (niece) and me.

The fabulous Ms Dion singing and showing us all her magnificent voice.

On the way home, around midnight, we stopped at Krispy Cremes and had cappuccinos and donuts.
We crawled into bed about 2 am. :o)
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