Monday, May 14, 2007

New review for Kitty McKenzie's Land!

Just received this review from a lovely reader on Amazon for Kitty McKenzie's Land!
It's a wonderful review.

The sequel to Kitty McKenzie is everything I hoped for. It begins with Kitty and her family arriving in Australia. The story takes off, pulling you into Kitty’s new world and a new set of difficulties. This family saga has disappointments and heartbreaks as well as happiness, and deals with genuine emotional responses to real life situations.

Kitty is a strong woman, she’s had to be to survive. Yet her strength of will at times appears to be her biggest foe. The author has cleverly shown how a strong willed heroine can perhaps be too inflexible—as always when she is doing what she believes to be right and proper—and the consequences of such rigidity. Kitty’s emotional growth as a woman as well as the other characters was well done, realistically unfolded and a pleasure to read.

Whether the locale is England or Australia, Ms Whitfield’s talent as a writer conveys you right there where you can see, hear, smell the scene. Reading this book, and traveling vicariously to Australia, was a treat. I highly recommend Kitty McKenzie’s Land.

Gerri Bowen

Kitty's sequel is available everywhere, including MBAM in ebook and print.

Thank you Gerri!
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