Monday, December 04, 2006

Fantastic Review!

I simply had to share this wonderful review for Gossamer Wings, I don't even mind that the reader at one stage called me Whitehead and not Whitfield! :o)

After finishing GOSSAMER WINGS by newer author Anne Whitefield I applaud this author for this immensely satisfying and fine example of a riveting Victorian historical. I can promise that once started you will not put it down until the final page is turned.

In Leeds, England 1870, Grace Woodruff, eldest of seven daughters is mired in responsibility. Grace runs the household and serves as a buttress between her sisters and the father who sees all his daughters as nothing but worthless commodities to be wed in order to forge business ties, gain wealth and ingratiate himself with the nobility. But fate is about to deal the entire Woodruff family some devastating blows and losses that will send this dysfunctional family spiraling out of control leaving Grace to stand alone in forging a new way of life in trying to manage both household and her heart.

*** What an amazing story from this newer author that chronicles a strong and resilient young woman's journey as she put aside her own broken heart in order to battle and stem the tide of the downward disintegration of her family from the result of their father's perfidious ways. Grace was a terrifically strong and resilient heroine whose loving heart and loyalty to her siblings was unwavering and constant in a life turned upside down.

Coming on the heels of the authors fabulous debut of KITTY MCKENZIE this sticks to a common theme of featuring a well to do family that must learn how to live in reduced circumstances while surmounting real problems that people face even today. Whitehead excels with a deft hand in creating superb depictions of her characters with amazing depth.
Frankly, if you've ever been a fan of Catherine Cookson, you are going to love Anne Whitfield. This was a remarkable, deeply moving and powerful read I hated to see end and one in which I highly recommend.
Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization

Isn't that just the greatest? Woohoo!
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