Monday, October 23, 2006


With great relief I started my new historical work - only one page mind, as I've had a zillion things to do over the weekend, but it's a start and I'm happy. It's another Yorkshire historical. Yippee!

Aside from that momentous occasion, I'm reading over Her Shadowed Heart again with the hope to send it off to my agent soon.

No news yet on A Noble Place. I'm tying myself up in knots wondering whether it'll get accepted. Perhaps I should sacrifice something... my first born, chocolate, the dog... I'll think about that one.

Still having distribution problems with Kitty McKenzie in Australian bookstores. I'm so upset and losing sales. Hopefully it can be fixed soon. In the meantime I'm just telling everyone to purchase Kitty McKenzie through Amazon websites or Barnes & Noble.

Nice surprise this morning was receiving the pdf copy of the November book catalogue from Ever After Bookstore in Wollongong NSW. I am doing a booksigning there next month with two other authors and Gossamer Wings is featured in the catalogue! Woohoo!

It's a beautiful day here in the Southern Highlands. My summer flowers are starting to bud. Ahhhh.....
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