Monday, October 23, 2006

Back to work

After the recent good news of my historical release gossamer Wings, I must get back to my writing commitments to take my mind off the instant worries I get when one of my books has been released.

Honestly, sometimes I think there is something wrong with me. Am I the only author who has panic attacks the moment their book is released? Most authors throw dinner parties and have celebrity book launches, but I feel the need to curl into a ball and hide. What is with that?
Don't get me wrong I feel enormously proud of my book and my hard work to get into print, but underlining that is the crushing feelings of what if....
What if no one buys it?
What if no ones likes it if they do buy it?
What if people proclaim me as a laughing stock that should be stoned from all writing implements?
Crazy huh?

So to combat all those insane thoughts, I do what any sane or perhaps insane person would do - I write another story! :o) Cool hey?
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