Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Samhain Party

The Samhain authors are having a PARTY!

You're all invited. Simply go to the Samhain cafe group and join.

9:00am Tilly Greene/N J Walters

10:00am Barbara Sheridan/Silvia Violet

11:00am Mackenzie McKade/Vicki Gaia

12 noon Lauren Dane/Charlene Teglia

1:00pm Kim Rees/Sasha White

2:00pm Jennie Andrus/Patricia Parkinson

3:00pm Maya Banks/Beth Williamson

4:00pm Bobbie Cole/Alexis Fleming

5:00pm Ally Blue/Ellen Fisher

6:00pm Annmarie McKenna/Tia Bangs

7:00pm Arianna Hart/Ingela Hyatt

8:00pm Bianca D’Arc/Anne Whitfield

9:00pm Elisa Adams/Meg Allison

These are hour long slots with 2 authors hosting, post excerpts-blurbs-contest info and just have a ball playing.

So come along everyone!
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