Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Doing what I shouldn't be

I've been naughty and haven't been editing Kitty McKenzie's Land and instead been re-writing/editing my very first historical, Dreams Of Yesterday. So, don't tell my editor!

Dreams actually needed cutting in length before I could happily sumbit it for publication. At 116 000 words it needed a hair cut and face lift - the full make-over so to speak.
This story is special to me because it was my first, and you always remember your first, right? :o)

I began yesterday and am enjoying it. I've already cut it down to 98k, and it didn't hurt a bit, which is excellent! :o)

The story, written so long ago and edited so many times, now is nothing like its old self. After this new edit, I hope it'll be tighter, more focused and a better read. I know it will be! LOL

In honour of the re-write/edit, I've also given it a new title.
Her Shadowed Heart.

Don't you just love that title? I do. It came to me and I just knew it was right. :o)

Best get back to it...
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