Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Hometown Boy

My latest short story has just been released.

The whole story is written in a male's pov, a first for me. I've done male pov before in my other stories but this one just concentrates on Luke and his awakening.

It was a bit of a challenge and a departure from my normal writing, which was really good to do.

A Hometown Boy is a short story available at Titan Press.

Luke Bowen, once the darling of his small country town, let time, fortune and fame tarnish his respect. He left home seeking a better life. Did he find it? He thought so, until a long-awaited visit home shows him that not all is gold in his life. The things he once wanted, the man he thought himself to be, all seems to be false as he learns that he left the most important thing in life—family.

Read an excerpt and buy it here-

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