Saturday, March 04, 2006

Most generous....

Honestly, I think authors are one of the most generous group of people I know.
Let's face it, it takes, roughly, about a year to produce a book, what with writing it, editing, submitting it, acceptance, editing again, release and promoting. So, I'd say approx a year, perhaps more in some cases.
Yet, after all this hard work, most authors then tend to give away their books by the dozen in contests, giveaways, basket donations for conferences and charities, to fans/readers down on their luck, etc.

Yes, I know the cynics would say its for promotion, and granted it maybe in some cases, but largely I don't think so. I tend to believe it is the great feeling giving gives someone and authors love to give readers a chance to read the characters they loved themselves.

Who else do you know will work for a whole year and then be very happy to give away their hard work. And I"m not just talking about those famous authors who make some money in this business, no, I mean the authors at small publishers, who hardly make much money at all.

To me this is just so heart-warming in this world of ours where, in most cases, selfishness and opportunity reigns.

Good on you authors that show kindness and warmth and generousity!
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