Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sovereign Hill

I'm writing my historical novel titled, A Noble Place, and suddenly it shifted from where it was set in Berrima (see links to the side) and the heroine, Pippa decided she needed to be difficult and head for the gold fields of Victoria.
I'm gracefully allowing her to lead me by the nose for a while and see where we end up. The plot twist may work rather well, as abruptly another man by the name of Marshall (he's dark, brooding and handsome) has entered her life and is going to cause her heart and mind some discomfort.
I have to feel sorry for Gil, the light-hearted, funny sweet man who loves her, as he is also led by the nose by the spirited Pippa. I think he, like me, will soon tire of Pippa getting her own way and we'll both reign her in a little. :o)

However, while we cater to her whims (she says its for business) I must now research Australia's gold rush of the 1850s. Ballarat in country Victoria was the place to be, luring men from all over thw world to search for the precious metal.
Thankfully, I had one small book on the gold rush and knew some of the history from a visit to Sovereign Hill, which is a make-believe goldmining town in Ballarat.
Sovereign Hill is an amazing place to visit. The area is set up like an actual town of the 1850s.
Check out the links and enjoy reading about a small part of Australia's gold rush history.

And while you do that, I'll go wrangle with this delightful character that rules my imagination at the moment.

Take care.~
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