Friday, February 03, 2006

It's madness really...

Truly, I've been rushed off my feet this week. It could be I've-bitten-off-more-than-I-can-chew syndrome or just that fate is conspiring against me!
I thought with the kids going back to school my days would be better for my writing. Duh! This week has flown by and I''ve achieved very little. How did that happen?

Anyway, here's a run down of what I've been doing in the last few days.

Promotion (yes, I know still on promotion)
Listen up all newbie writers!
When it comes to promotion take time of work, lock the kids in the attic, (or send them to grandparents, whichever) hire partner out as an odd jobs person because you NEED time and concentration!

There's only a certain limit my credit card can handle (thank God) because otherwise it could become a problem. Looking at (sorry, researching) online website promotion in all the wonderful romance sites for authors can be addictive, and, naturally, expensive.
I've paid for some promotion at several websites and I'm not even close to scratching the surface of what is available to authors (should you have the money).
I've also joined some more yahoo groups (as if I needed more groups) but word of mouth and name recognition is paramount to selling your work (that and writing something wonderful, too)

So, about from promotion research, I've been writing a new short story with hopes it'll be accepted by Highland Press for their anthology. Actually, I'm under a bit of pressure because I emailed the manager of the hotel where I've set the story asking if I could use the hotel in my story and that if the story was published I'd send him a copy of the book. He, Paul, kindly wrote back and said that was fine to use the hotel and he looks forward to receiving a copy of the book!! :oO
Now if Highland Press don't accepted it, I'll have to run about looking for a publisher for the story so I can send a copy to Paul!!
However, I am determined to do justice to the hotel, Paul, Highland Press and myself by writing a really good story. (see? no pressure at all....)

Aside from that I've been checking last minute proofs for Long Distance Love ready for it's big day on Tuesday 7th. The build up is stressing me out like nothing on earth!
Then just one week later A Love Past will be released on Valentine's Day. Again, I'm so excited and nervous I feel ready to throw up!
Remembering comes out tomorrow, but I'm not so excited about that, which is sad, but honest. It's nothing to do with the story more to do with the publisher, (Chippewa). I'll not go into that here, not yet, anyway. I'll wait and see....

Ok, I'm off to do some writing! Yippee!

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