Friday, January 27, 2006


It's been a busy week for me.

I've spent a lot of time on finding promotional online outlets for my new release.
This is an exhausting task and can be expensive too. I hope I've done enough to start with and I'll pay for more advertising once my credit card recovers.

Also the summer school holidays are coming to an end. We've been busy buying new school gear for the kids. Roll on next week when I'll have my quiet days back again! Yeeha!

This morning I finished the last of the edits of Long Distance Love and I sent them back to my editor at Samhain. All looks set now for the Feb 7th release. Woohoo!
I'm getting nervous now. I'm a virgin at writing contemporary novels. So, I hope this passes the readers' tests. :o)

Some sad news is I've withdrawn my two historical novels from Wings Press. I wasn't happy with their distribution system.

The good news is I've high hopes of places those novels elsewhere. I've already sent Dreams Of Yesterday out to a couple of small publishers.
With Kitty McKenzie, I've actually split the novel into two. It was a large size at 143k and I know some publishers balk at this size word count.
Therefore I split the book into two at a natural place in the story (where Kitty emigrates to Australia in 1866). So now we have Kitty McKenzie (book 1) and Kitty McKenzie's Land (sequel).
Both stories are with my editor at Samhain to see if my historical mainstreams will fit their needs.

Amongst all this I've been trying to write on my current historical wip, A Noble Place. I'm hoping to have this first draft finished in a few months.
I've also started another contemporary story, the details are sketchy at the moment.

There, that's the latest news. :o)
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