Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New project

I started writing my Australian Colonial yesterday titled, A Noble Place.
I wrote 1000 words and then had a brain spasm and closed the work without saving it. I was in a hurry and closing many opened things and this got mixed up in amongst them. I can't tell you how upset I was. That piece of writing was around page two/three, full of scene & setting description and dialogue between the sisters, Pippa & Hilary Noble. I was really in the zone and obviously not completely out of it when I started closing down. I swore like no lady should.

Anyway, today I opened the ms again and tried to replace what was lost. I think it's okay, but its different, naturally.
Still, I'm looking forward to getting 'stuck in' with this manuscript. LOL
As I mentioned previously I started this ms a long time ago and left it when my Yorkshire stories wanted to be told.
I've changed the beginning, which originally started in the girls' father's pov, but now I shifted it to start with Pippa, as she's the main character.
There's plenty of details I need to sort out as I've changed many things since the story's first conception, but usually I like the story to begin and flow on its own for a few pages without much interference from me. Daft as that sounds. :o)
The old ms stands at 17k, but only has a few chapters written. They need to be refreshed and added to.
I'd like to have the final word count to be 85-90k and I think that'll take me a few months or so to complete if I don't start full-time work in between time.

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