Monday, June 27, 2005

Short Story Contract!

Hi again.
This morning started off brilliantly! In my inbox was a contract from Chippewa Publishing for my short story titled, Remembering.
I'm really happy and excited that these little 'babies' of mine are being read.
My first short story published, Shedding Skin, is still online at and I have received some lovely comments from people who have read it. Shedding Skin is a free story, whereas Remembering will be available as a $2 download to keep.
I will post more information about it as it comes to hand.

A couple of weeks ago I suffered an hand injury that slowed me up a little, but I have recovered from that now and during the last week I have been catching up on some writing.
I wrote one love scene for my historical saga and have also been writing a few pages of my contemporary romance, which I think I will aim for Harlequin or at least try to.
I am not very confident I can write the kind of stories they like, I struggle to keep the focus on the hero & heroine. Instead, I like to include sub-characters, etc, which tend to want to hug the lime-light. Tsk tsk. LOL
Still, I like the story (the heroine is a aussie girl and the guy is a gorgeous Irishman and they meet in England!). I hope it sells somewhere, but, first, I have to finish it. :o)

I'm still waiting for word back from two publishers regarding my second novel, Kitty McKenzie.

Also, I'm close to finishing my last edit on my third historical saga. The wonderful members at my critique group are a wonderful asset in helping me get the manuscript ready for querying agents and editors.

On a personal note, I'm to be a great aunt (Lord, that sounds old!) My nephew Steven and his partner Ana are expecting a baby in January and my niece Samantha and her husband Damon are expecting in February! I love babies!

So, until next time, that's all my news at this moment.
Take care.

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