Sunday, May 29, 2005

Great News

This morning I received a brilliant email from Wings ePress offering me a contract for my first historical novel titled, Dreams of Yesterday!!!

It was rather wierd at first because I ran a whole range of emotions after reading the acceptance email. At first I was shocked, then excited, then scared and then excited! :o)

I can't believe someone totally independant from me has faith in my first book.
It's under their historical romance line, but could also be called a family saga, too.

It was the first novel I wrote when I started writing properly nearly 8 years ago. It's undergone many edits since then and was cut by about 40 000 words from the orginal version.
I call Dreams my teething rattle. I cut my writing teeth in so many ways in writing that book and I believe the experience of writing that book has allowed me to write even better books.

My hope is that now someone else will read the story and enjoy it.

For me reading has been a way for me to escape into another world for a short time. I sincerely wish for my books to do the same for someone.

Until next time, take care.
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