Monday, October 21, 2019

List of my books!

I've been asked many times for lists of my books, so I thought to put it here, too.
1. Long Distance Love (published 2006 modern romance)
2. Kitty McKenzie (historical 2006 )
3. Kitty McKenzie’s Land (historical 2006)
4. Isabelle’s Choice (historical 2007 The Gentle Wind’s Caress)
5. Where Rainbows End (historical 2008 A Noble Place)
6. To Gain What’s Lost (historical 2009)
7. Eden’s Conflict (historical 2009 Woodland Daughter)
8. Broken Hero (historical 2010)
9. Hooked on You (modern romance 2010)
10. Grace’s Courage (historical 2011 The House of Women)
11. Aurora’s Pride (historical 2012 To Take Her Pride)
12. Nicola’s Virtue (historical 2013 Virtue of a Governess)
13. Catrina’s Return (historical 2013 A Day Embroidered)
14. Where Dragonflies Hover (historical time slip 2016)
15. Southern Sons (historical 2018)
16. The Promise of Tomorrow (historical 2018)
17. The Slum Angel (historical 2019)
18. Beneath a Stormy Sky (historical 2019)
19. Millie (Christmas at the Chateau novella - historical 2019)
20. Prue (historical January 2020)
21. Cece (historical May 2020)
22. Alice (historical – date To Be Confirmed)
23. Victorian novel (historical TBC)
24. Adeline (historical TBC)
Kitty McKenzie Book 1
Kitty McKenzie’s Land Book 2
Southern Sons Book 3
Millie (Marsh Saga series book 1)
(accompanying novella Christmas at the Chateau)
Prue (Marsh Saga series book 2)
Cece (Marsh Saga series book 3)
Alice (Marsh Saga series book 4)
Short Stories
New Beginnings Anthology (10 modern romance stories)
A New Dawn (historical)
What He Taught Her (modern romance)
Art of Desire (modern romance)
The Right Man (modern romance)

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