Thursday, November 01, 2018

Reviews for The Promise of Tomorrow.

Some lovely reviews have been coming in for The Promise of Tomorrow, which is also on a blog tour from November 1st  - 10th.

''I am a great fan of Anne-Marie Brear’s writing and the storytelling in The Promise of Tomorrow certainly didn’t disappoint. The pages flew by so quickly, and I became gripped by the lives of the sisters, Harry Belmont, and the wonderfully kind Stan Wheeler and his wife Bessie. Charlotte is a strong female character who rises to challenges and changes into a respected and assertive woman. There is a class divide, family conflict, imminent danger, and a beautiful love story.'' Full review is here at Waggytales blog

"I can certainly recognise when I’m in the presence of a writer at the top of her form and capable of some of the very best story-telling. I raced through this book, real life disappeared, and I was absorbed in the world the author created and the lives of its characters. It really is a cracking read – full of strong characters, well-rounded and beautifully drawn, detailed portrayals of people who became totally real to me as the story unfolded. And it’s quite a story – filled with tension, full of twists and turns that had me gripped as I read it in a single sitting." Full review is here at Being Anne blog

The Promise of Tomorrow
Can Charlotte find the happiness that always seems under threat, and will Harry return home to her?
#Edwardian #historical #WWI

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