Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Large Print and Audio!!!

I'm so happy and pleased to announce that my back list of novels will be released in large print and audio for libraries.
I'm excited that my older novels will have this chance to reach new readers.
I'll have more news soon about release dates.
The books going into LP and audio are:

To Gain What’s Lost 
To heal she must start again. Will the secrets of the past jeopardise her future happiness?

After losing everything, can she keep her family safe?

Kitty McKenzie’s Land
Book 2 sequel to Kitty McKenzie
He wanted her land, but he wanted her even more.

Southern Sons
Will Tilly's brothers survive the war? Will she be able to keep the cattle station going for their return?

Catrina’s Return 
Can she return home? What she found was more shocking than she expected.

Nicola’s Virtue 
She crossed the world to start again, only it was harder than she expected.

Grace’s Courage - ebook/pbk
Can she protect her sisters from her evil father?

When the past comes back to haunt her, it threatens all she holds dear. She must protect her daughters.

Isabelle’s Choice 
Will the choices she’s made ruin her? Will she find the happiness she’s searching for?

Aurora’s Pride  
She went in search of the truth and it wasn’t what she was expecting.

Long Distance Love
Can one summer affair be enough?

Soon they will all be in a library near you!

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