Thursday, April 13, 2017

Glowing Review!!

I just received this wonderful review from a reader on Amazon. It has made my day, possibly my week!

Here is just a snippet of the great review:
Poignant, powerful and searingly emotional, Where Dragonflies Hover stands shoulder to shoulder with the finest works by some of the genre’s greatest writers such as Catherine Cookson, Audrey Howard and Rosamunde Pilcher. AnneMarie Brear will dazzle and enthrall her readers with this captivating and beguiling tale of second chances, hope and the healing power of love. Effortlessly sweeping her readers up into her story, AnneMarie Brear makes you feel every single emotion her characters are going through and will keep you on the edge of your seat, desperately turning the pages waiting to find out what happens next! - Julie.

I'm so happy to see that my stories affect other people. it makes us writers feel like we are doing something right, and it helps soften our doubts and insecurities that plaque us about how good how stories are.

Available in ebook now and paperback June 6th.

Thank you to all readers who take the time to leave nice reviews for authors. We truly appreciate it.
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