Monday, December 12, 2016

Guest Author: Anita Davison!

Please welcome to my blog, fellow author and good friend, Anita Davison.

I've known Anita for years and followed her career from her very first book. Apart from being a lovely person, Anita is a great writer, and her stories are very engaging.

I'm delighted to showcase her new novel, Betrayal at Cleeve Abbey.

Book Description

Even the most glamorous stately houses hide secrets and lies from the past...

For fans of Downton Abbey, a thrilling and romantic mystery set in the glorious Cotswolds landscape.

Flora Maguire is now happily married to Bunny Harrington and living in Richmond when she receives an alarming telegram informing her of her father's tragic death in a riding accident at Cleeve Abbey.

Heartbroken, she and Bunny return to her former home, where she was Governess to Eddy, Viscount Trent, and her father was Butler to Earl Trent.

Flora’s intention was to bury him next to Lily, her mother, who sadly passed away when Flora was a small child.

Mystery surrounds the final resting place of Lily. No-one is willing to talk and, with her father now dead in a suspicious accident, Flora must once again strive alone to uncover hidden family secrets.

Book 1 – Flora's Secret is out now:

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Book 2 – Betrayal at Cleeve Abbey is out now:

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 Author Bio

Anita’s earlier novels are set in 17th Century England, with a family saga set in Exeter during the Monmouth Rebellion and a biographical novel about Elizabeth Murray during the English Civil War in Surrey. Her fascination with the revival of cosy mysteries made her turn to the early 1900’s for inspiration where she found Flora Maguire lurking. The series of five novels was taken up for publication by Aria Fiction, a digital imprint of Head of Zeus Publishing.

Flora's Secret is available here [] and Betrayal at Cleeve Abbey can be pre-ordered here. []

 My Review:

A wonderful book by Anita Davison. 
The story is rich in description and with great characters. You feel as though you are firmly set in the Edwardian period.
I am really enjoying this series and Flora is such a warm character that you want to be friends with, and with a lot of interesting secondary characters, it is a lively story.
Anita Davison writes with skill to keep you turning the pages and wanting to know what will happen next!
I highly recommend this author and this series.

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