Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Author Library talk at Hatfield Library

Last Saturday I went to a library in Hatfield (near Doncaster, South Yorkshire) to listen to my friend and fellow author Lynda Stacey give a talk about her debut novel, House of Secrets.

Lynda and I are published by the same publisher, Choc Lit, and we live close to each other so it seemed natural to go and support her.

Generously, Lynda asked me if I wanted to be a part of the talk in a small way, which I agreed to, despite being full of cold. After her talk, Lynda introduced me as an author to the gathering at the library and I was able to share her spotlight for a few moments to talk about my books. I had brought only one copy of some of my books, but they received some lovely attention, which I was so happy to see. In fact one lady, named Sylvia, asked if she could buy a copy each of Kitty McKenzie and the sequel Kitty McKenzie's Land. She also asked me to sign them.

My thanks, of course, go to Lynda Stacey and the ladies at the Hatfield Library.

A photo of myself and Sylvia holding her copy of Kitty McKenzie.
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