Friday, July 18, 2014

Wedding Diary: Part Six

Nothing much to report this time really, as we've been getting sorted for our holiday to Turkey next week, but I have been working with Bec in designing our wedding invitations and they look great. Bec has done a wonderful job, bless her.
Guest lists are nearly finalised and ready to send to Bec. Silver envelopes will be ordered soon.

Oh, one thing to mention is that today marks one year to our wedding day!!!!

What will I be feeling and thinking on this day next year, I wonder? I'll be excited for sure, and busy getting ready and hoping there are no last minute problems. Mainly, I'll be eager to be with my future husband, to stand beside him, declare our love for one another and become his wife. Then we can relax and party with the people we care about.

I'm sure the twelve months between now and the wedding will fly by. And I hope they do!

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