Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wedding Diary: Part Five.

Forms, invitation wording and shoes.

My son's girlfriend, Bec, is a graphic designer, ( ) and she has offered to create our wedding invitations for us. I've found the wording I like for the invitations,  simple and to the point, including the evening reception wording. Bec has already created the 'save the date' image for us. Now I just have to organise the sending of it to everyone.

The registrar package arrived and included among the forms were 11 different ceremony options and several readings/verses to consider. I diligently read everyone of them and funnily enough, the first ceremony option was the one I liked best. If I'd known that, I could have saved myself an hour of reading all the others! LOL My fiance's sister is going to do a reading for us, which is just wonderful.

It's not something that I was really thinking about just yet, as I have a few months before my first dress fitting and so I was in no hurry to start looking for wedding shoes, but just by chance I came across these by Harriet Wilde -

Aren't they stunning? They are too expensive for my budget, sadly. However, they have set the bar rather high for any other type of wedding shoe. All other shoes will be the poor cousin next to these. I'm hoping to win the lottery between now and next July so I can buy them. Wish me luck.

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