Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wedding Diary: part one!

So I'm engaged. 
Never expected to be, but utterly delighted and happy that I am. (I keep staring at my beautiful ring!)

Now begins the fun bit, organising the wedding. I say fun, but I'm not actually sure that is the correct description really. 

However, I must try my hardest not to stress out over money, and instead simply enjoy the experience of organising the best day of our lives, and it will be. It's a celebration. We will be surrounded by the people we love and who share our day-to-day life. It will be wonderful and I'm so looking forward to it.

Only, before that, there is a lot to do. More than I expected.

So, I have begun. Lists have appeared overnight. I bought my first wedding magazine. I've started researching for things I'd never researched before like centre pieces, favours, photographers, car hires. I'm searching websites like a mad woman, asking people for advise, and as one dear friend keeps saying, I'm wearing my 'stress face'.

I have 12 months to create the best day of our lives. Or as the counter on the right states, 408 days and counting...

Thankfully I have some wonderful people to help me. I have the full support of my fiance, who is obviously the fabulous man he is and who is happy to go along with just about everything I suggested so far, although he does have his own responsibilities! He is in full control of arranging the music and honeymoon, wine and suits, and anything else I can put on his shoulders! :)

But it's the other things that are my responsibility that worry me. Namely, the dress! My wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses are so important and need to be just right. I've seen many a wedding where the bride's dress and/or bridesmaids' dresses are simply just awful. There is so much pressure on getting it perfect, but I will do my best get it right. I just may wear my 'stress face' for months to come!

Amazingly, in a short space of time, we, my fiance and I, have managed to do a lot. The wedding party have been asked, the guest lists have been written, the colour scheme decided, the venue booked and we've had a meeting with the wedding co-ordinator.

At times I don't like having a touch of OCD, yet in certain circumstances, having OCD is very beneficial. Every wedding needs lists and organisation. I've got that in spades. But I will confess to one thing, being Australian I'm not used to having two different sets of guests list, one for the ceremony and reception, then another, larger one for the evening party. This is all new to me as in Australia you have one guest list and they all go to everything. However, I am unperturbed and will use this evening party as an excuse to have the biggest and best party I've ever hosted. It will be a wonderful day and night to remember!

But now I must get on with the many tasks still requiring my attention. Now where did I put that menu list....?

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