Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Right Man now available!

My short story, The Right Man is now available for .99 cents as a download on Kindle and varying other formats.
This short story was previous published in 2007. I've recently given it another edit, a new cover and a new title, which I think it needed.

The interesting thing is that with this story I've decided to self-publish it on Amazon's Kindle and at Smashwords, which hosts a number of different formats.  This is the first time I've self-published at Smashwords, and the process wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. I was daunted by the prospect of self-publishing, but after doing a test run with my anthology, which went rather smoothly, I thought to try it again by putting up The Right Man. Now I've managed to do it without going completely mental, I will self-publish some more short stories for .99 cents.

The Right Man blurb:
Molly Daniels is on summer holiday in a small town in the country to recover from a broken marriage. She’s hurt, disillusioned, and unsure of her future. The last thing she is looking for is a man. 
Sebastian Lord is the town’s most eligible bachelor, a title he hates. Having given up a successful career in the city, he now owns a small farm and is content to hide away there, away from the real world that has hurt him in the past. Since his fiancĂ© was killed four years ago, he’s refused to enter the dating game again.
An unlikely pair, Seb’s newly adopted and wayward dog has an uncanny habit of bringing the two together. Though each has their own doubts, they give into the call of a strong, mutual attraction and share a hot summer together, but can they shed past hurts to embrace future happiness together? 

Buy from Smashwords in multi formats.

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