Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Irritating Article!

The Romance Novelists Association of the UK held their summer party last week and a journalist was invited. The said journalist's article appeared in the Daily Mail. Sadly it was a stereotypical and lazy mish- up of what people perceive about romance writers and no where near what is actually the case.
So in defiance to the article, the members of the RNA are posting photos of what real romance writers look like.
When will people realise romance is everywhere and not at all smutty, show me a wedding photo, show me an anniversary photo, a baby being born, or a guy proposing and tell me that romance is to be laughed at. The biggest movies in history list will show you romance usually is in it, and can we hear a song that isn't about love, or lost love? Hardly.
So, why should romance novels be lumped into the 'ridiculous, don't take them seriously' category?
Next time you want to diss romance novels, or their writers, remember to look at your own life. Romance and love surrounds us all, and THAT is worth writing about!

No blue rinse in sight!
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