Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day!

Don't you just love the Irish? It's St Patrick's Day!
In honour of this famous day I've changed my desktop to a rotating theme of landscaped of Ireland. The images make me want to hop on a plane and go there. Of course it's in my blood, don't you know?
Oh yes, I have Irish ancestors, my great grandfather on my father's mother's side was Patrick Kittrick from county Mayo!
On my Mum's side I have great great grandfather Joseph Nichols, also Irish born.
My husband's family, Whitfield, originated from County Cavan and came to Australia in chains in 1820.


And I always like to add a touch of the Irish somewhere in my books.
In my contemporary romance, Long Distance Love, I have Patrick Donnelly a gorgeous Irishman who sweeps Fleur off her feet.
Long Distance Love is available in print or ebook on Kindle.


Fleur Stanthorpe, an Australian, arrives in Whitby, England to live out a dream after surviving cancer. She's to open a bookshop café and experience the English way of life for the summer before returning home and settling down.
Only she hasn't counted on meeting gorgeous Irishman, Patrick Donnelly. Their attraction is instant - their goals a world apart. He is looking for a solid relationship for the first time since his divorce five years ago. She is having her last fling at freedom before returning home to family and responsibilities.
Their problems are more than surviving a hot summer of romance, but wondering what will happen when the summer draws to an end and Fleur returns to the other side of the world.
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