Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Farewell My Ovaries by Wendy Harmer
Blurb: Claire Sellwyn-Wallace has decided to throw her ovaries a farewell party - one wild night of unbridled lust before she says goodbye to all that.
This time it will be everything she has always imagined. This time she knows exactly how it will go. She's old enough, she's earned it.
But can you plan passion? And what's love got to do with it?

I was really looking forward to this book as I'd been wanting to read a Wendy harmer novel for ages. She's made me laugh in the past either on radio, TV and in person as a guest speaker. So I was expecting a light comedy to make me chuckle and yes in places I did chuckle and smile at some witty sentence, or in response to the characters actions, but I didn't expect a sex novel - and that is what this book is all about sex. And lots of it.
I'm no prude when it comes to sex in books, I've even written it myself when required, but this book is drenched in it and in that respect I felt let down. I didn't care if Claire had slept with dozens and dozens of men, and she had. Her sexual fantasies become repeatative and over done.
All that aside I did enjoy the banter between her and her best friend Meg.
I felt Claire was selfish and vain and needed to grow up. Thankfully she did at the end of the book, however by that time I didn't care.
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